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The 12 Reasons Why You Should Be Using a Squeeze Page

by Rodney Brooks

Every online marketer in the entire online business world should know the importance of a Squeeze Page.

The main effect of a squeeze page, is the chain reaction it creates. One can not deny the fact that squeeze pages are essential and crucial in this business; and that 98% of online marketers are still mastering the art of it using different techniques. And the sine qua non of it all, making money repeatedly without spending a single penny on advertising.

Here are a few reasons why you should be using a squeeze page.

1. You can find a winning market or product.

You can use private label articles and reports with cover sales letters and enhancing cover graphics. This will heighten and increase your income. And you will notice it yourself that your sales will redouble uncontrollably.

2. You can capture leads that can be your potential and loyal patrons (you got them for life).

By creating a squeeze page, you can optimize your email marketing campaign. It has been proven that almost all visitors to your website won’t drag out their credit cards on their first visit. And the 96% of them won’t give much time reading all the stuff written in the website. They just browse and glance through your page, so it is duly recommended to use eye-catching phrases to your headline that will give a shot to their subject of interest and their reason for visit. This will make them subscribe to your site.

3. You can set up your Google and Adwords Campaign.

You can enjoy the privileges of being an AdWords advertiser in one of the leading search engine in the whole World Wide Web. You can create your own ad campaign wherein your ads appear beside related search results so that people can click your advertising link, which will lead them directly to your business.

4. Squeeze Pages can Drive Traffic to your site.

To drive traffic to your site first you should flatter your visitors with perks and bonuses that are related to your product and their interests. Just make sure that the cost of your giveaways can fit in your budget and is deliverable. Article directories are also one of the best ways to incur traffic and usage to your site. Blogs, forums and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign can also help in generating traffic to your website.

5. You can build your own lucrative list.

It is extremely important to an online business to have a client base or customer/prospect list. You should give value to your members because your list will be your ‘breath’ in your business. It is very important for you to be aware that there are lots of lists out there, if you fail to deliver the goods to your members, they will surely opt-out of your list. Things like this can be avoided. Having a massive opt-in list of highly responsive subscribers is practically the only way to be successful in the online business world.

6. You can make money over and over again.

Certainly very true in any aspect! Using an effective squeeze page surely will bring you lots of money. If manage properly, your squeeze page will bring you to the top of your niche.

7. You can follow up with prospect to make the Sale.

You can make a follow up with a prospect through email marketing. Email marketing is also an important tool in online business. Promotional strategies play a vital role in sending out emails to your members. Make sure that you are aware of the Can SPAM Law in the US. Also, get yourself familiarized with niche areas. A good study on this part will help a lot.

8. You can follow up with prospect with other promotions

This may also be included in your next email to your subscriber. You can also use a good, high quality, high volume newsletter to follow up other promotions.

9. You can build your list quicker.

If you’ve been around in the business for a time and your lucrative list has reached its benchmark in terms of profit, and your subscribers are satisfied, your subscriber can also aid in building up your list quicker. How? Through word of mouth advertising. The word on your business will spread like air.

10. You can start making money with affiliate marketing.

Make an honest living online. Never cheat or lie to make a sale. With affiliate marketing, you can generate profits through different methods. Pay per click advertising, commissions from any sales that are generated as a result of your efforts, are some examples to name.

11. You can create Newsletter to heighten your Online Income.

You should learn how to create an efficient newsletter. Most online marketers use a more personal format. This will look like a personal email to a specifically targeted member. You can send your newsletter via PDF format or HTML format. Your newsletter must include basically the following content: a) value and spamming; b) directory listings, frequency and increase conversion; c) third party sources.

12. You can look for other ways to increase your online income.

One can never stop discovering new ways and techniques in achieving a lucrative business. As long as online marketing is present, there will always be knowledge out there to help you gain more profit.

I hope the information given above will help you reach your peak in online marketing.

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