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Enter A New Type Of Video Experience...

Have you seen a video you'd like to comment on?

Do you want to add information to a video and share it with others?

Have something funny to say?

Internet marketers, have you seen a video on YouTube or Google recently that you believe you could integrate into one of your ad campaigns if only you could insert some of your own content?

Welcome to BubblePLY.

I know, I know...what the heck is a BubblePLY?

Well, - A PLY is a transparent layer that is placed over a video ready for you to start creating content such as Bubbles. Bubbles are similar to the captions or bubbles (like the ones you see in comic strips) that can be used to add your own words to a video. A BubblePLY is the result of adding a Bubble on a PLY.

BubblePLY.com enables you to enhance a video without disturbing the actual video content. The original video is always kept intact; the only changes are cosmetic in that BubblePLY.com adds a transparent layer (called a PLY) to which your content is added.

Take a look at this video that Shawn Collins threw together as an example of how an affiliate or internet marketer could leverage BubblePLY and YouTube and other video content providers, in a matter of five minutes.

If you're experiencing difficulties viewing the video, please click here to install the latest version of the Adobe Flash player onto your computer, then reload this page into your browser and try viewing again.

Internet marketers and affiliates, are you beginning to see the creative implications in this?

Did you notice how the bubbles and captions were strategically placed throughout the video?

Not only that, but the bubbles and captions are clickable, which means that if your visitor is interested and clicks on one of your PLY's during the video, then guess what, - that's right, they are redirected to whatever website you want them to go to!

And believe it or not, there's more. Check out the options presented to your visitor at the end of the video.

There's the option to...

1. Replay - In case your visitor would like to see it again

2. Share - In case your visitor would like to share your video with their friends

3. Embed - In case your visitor would like to place your video on their website.

Imagine that.

(Can you say viral marketing?)

Currently, BubblePLY is in beta and not all video communities are enabled with BubblePLY.com. At the moment, BubblePLY.com supports the URLs from the following sites:

Google Video

Check it out again, and I mean really check it out. Those wheels should begin turning.

I can think of a myriad of things I could do right now with technology like this at my fingertips.

Wait, - I don't have to think about it or imagine it, - It's already here and it's Free!

Go on over to BubblePLY.com right now and explore your own possibilities.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very pleased to say, - Your Web 2.0 Has Landed.

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