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Is There Still a Back Door Into Google?

Here's an excellent article I just ran into into.

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Later on, - I'm going to show you how to get your website, product or service into the first page of Google, through the Front door, for any keyword you choose in 2 day's or less! This info will be 100% Free.

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Back Door Into Google?

by Donovan Baldwin

Let's face it, everybody in internet marketing, whatever their business or interest, is trying to get their web site into Google.

I can't say that I blame them.

It can be difficult to even get your page into Google in the first place, much less get a good page ranking once you are in. In fact, the standard technique of submitting your web site directly to Google may be one of the LEAST effective and speedy ways of getting your site indexed and listed.

When you submit your web site to the Google search engine, it may be days, weeks, or even months before your web page is added, and it may be even longer before your entire website is indexed.

You have little or no apparent control over how quickly your site is indexed, but you can have some possible control over how quickly your web page is added to the search engine data base.

You will read all sorts of articles listing "ways" to get your web page in Google initially. If you read carefully, you may see that they all boil down to one salient point. In order to get at least an initial web page into Google, you need links from other web sites.

One point overlooked by many people is that these can be free sites that you have designed yourself, but, like any site that you are trying to use as a back door, they need to be already indexed by Google, they need to be visited regularly by Google, and the higher their page rank within Google the better.

Therefore, if you want to use sites of your own to help increase the speed of getting into the search engine, you are going to have to do a little bit of leg work on that first. However, once a site has been created and is re-indexed regularly, adding links to new sites and pages can be one way to break into the big time with those sites and pages.

Anytime you want a site to appear in Google, you want it to also have a good page rank and placement in the results. Most of this comes back to good old search engine optimization (SEO), but that is another topic. For the moment, just consider this.

What good does it do you to get your page or entire site into the big G if you are showing up on page 327 when someone searches on a particular keyword or phrase?

It pays to do due diligence before and after you submit your site and make sure that keywords and phrases have been selected and used properly, that all Meta tags are in place and have been designed for maximum effect, and that content is rich, valuable, and updated regularly so that when the spider revisits the page, it has something new to report.

So, what are some other back doors (links from other sites) into Google besides your own sites?

Well, you can write articles and publish them liberally around the internet.

There are many article directory sites that are re-visited and re-indexed by Google regularly; some as often as every 24 to 48 hours. Since your article will include a link to your website, this means that your link may be exposed to, and added by, Google within hours of the article appearing.

You can create your own blog.

The secret of a successful blog is to provide interesting content that is updated regularly, and then "ping" your blog when the new content has been added using services such as PinGoat.com and PingOMatic.com. The blog itself may include your link, or you may put a link within the body of the comment.

As with other sites that you create, getting the blog established so that it is visited regularly by search engine spiders, including Google's, ups your chances of getting your new page or site into the search engine listings.

By the way, I have not seen any direct confirmation of this, but I have been told that if you put your blog's RSS feed on a Google homepage, the blog will be re-indexed more often. Hey, it's free and worth a shot.

You can post comments on other blogs and forums.

At many forums, you are allowed some sort of signature that can include a link to your page. You may have to experiment to see which forum or blog gets your site listed more rapidly, but this is an effective technique.

Believe it or not, there are classified advertising sites, such as Ablewise.com which are regularly indexed by Google, I generally find that if I place a small classified ad there, my web site or page shows up in Google usually within 72 hours.

Don't overlook the fact that there ARE other search engines and directories out there. Putting your link on as many directories as possible could lead to a listing in Google in a shorter period of time than submitting it directly. In addition, you may get traffic and sales from these listings as well!

I have several web sites that do well in terms of traffic and sales that almost NEVER show traffic from Google.

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