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More Free Software and Ebook Downloads...

As you know YourSqueezePage version 2.0 is now Live and has over 50 upgrades!

I have some fantastic free downloads for you today!

This is an exclusive offer for my list members only! You won't find this anywhere else.

Don't have a YourSqueezePage Version 2.0 Pro membership

You can grab one here: http://goaddr.com/fyd

Here's the deal.

If you will go to your YourSqueezePage.com Version 2.0 account right now and upgrade to Pro, I will send you the download links for this amazing software and the free ebooks.

I'm about to show you a webpage. Now, don't order from this page! Unless you want to pay the $47. That PayPal link is Live! Go through the entire page
as the description for the other bonus downloads is located at the bottom of the page.

The web audio product you are about to see, is great for adding your voice or audio to your squeeze pages and webpages!

I created this page only to show you what you will be getting for free with a membership upgrade at YourSqueezePage.com.

All of my current Pro members have already received
their free download links!

Here's the page link: http://goaddr.com/fdv

Simply go to your YourSqueezePage.com account and upgrade to Pro membership. Make sure you upgrade in Version 2.0. There's a link on the login page to take you there. Then, send me an email stating "I've upgraded my YourSqueezePage membership to Pro".

You can email me at: rodswebinfo@gmail.com

Once I've verified your Pro membership in my back office, I'll send the download links straight away to your email address!

All of the downloads are 100% virus free and contain no adware or spyware, but you can check them yourself if you feel you must.

This offer will be pulled in 7 days so, hurry!

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