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Just Released: The Landing Page System

Today a program is being launched that I think will change the way many of us do our internet marketing.

It takes several tasks that would normally take hours and reduces them to minutes.

If you’re interested in skyrocketing your affiliate commissions while improving your overall return on investment, you need to see this.

It’s called the Landing Page System, and it really is a fantastic system.
Some of the features include:

-Installs on your own site… NO montly fees!

-Dynamically inserts tracking code into affiliate links.

-Dynamically inserts keywords into your landing page.

-Works great for opt-in squeeze pages too!

Bottom line: it saves time & increases profits.

Along with the release of this program, Glen Barnhardt has created what is essentially a tutorial in which he reveals the EXACT DETAILS of his new strategy. This information could have easily been put it into an ebook to sell. But instead, Glen reveals it here with no strings attached.

Here's are some of the things Glen talks about on this page

  • Affiliate Marketing - Why being an affiliate marketer is such an attractive opportunity

  • Pay-per-click-advertising - Why PPC advertising is one of the most important investments for your business

  • The Need for Landing Pages - How and why landing pages have become a fundamental part of the PPC marketing process

  • The Need for Tracking - Why tracking your results is probably the most important key to being a successful PPC marketer

  • How vendors can steal your keywords and how you can stop them in thier tracks

  • The "Google Slap"

  • Adsense Arbitrage

  • and much more...
Now, regardless of whether you decide to invest in this program or not, you WILL leave this page having gained something. You'll have gained the knowledge of how to use these strategies in your own business.

I suggest checking it out right away by going to:


I highly recommend going there right away. Once you've read the page, You'll understand why.


Matt says
April 15, 2008 at 8:51:00 AM EDT

Interesting system. Is this still effective after one year now?