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A New Message About Agloco

One of the AGLOCO founders, yesterday, was interviewed about the Viewbar. Here is the interview:

'It’s the most asked question concerning AGLOCO;

When will the Viewbar be available?

Well, we finally have an official answer.

We expect to be able to release the first phase of the Viewbar in 4 to 7 weeks.

There are many reasons why the release of the viewbar has to be managed carefully, server planning, partnerships and operating systems are just three examples of why the process is long.

We shall also keep updating the website and making it better for our Members to refer others.

In addition to given the estimated Viewbar release date, AGLOCO also set a goal of having 10 million members by July 1, 2007.

That’s a pretty ambitious goal when you consider it took AllAdvantage 18 months to hit 10 million members, and AGLOCO wants to do this in 7 months.

If they can pull it off, the company would have a value of $250 - $400 million based on current Internet valuation metrics.

Akshay Mavani wouldn’t tell me how many members AGLOCO currently has but I can figure it out based on the member ID.

The company started at BBBB and the latest code I can find is at BBBJ.
Each change in letter represents 10,000 members so going from B to J means AGLOCO has at least 90,000 members.

10 million members by July 1 2007?

It can be done.

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