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You Deserve To Be Paid

Things are not fair on the Internet.

Companies are making tons of money off us left and right. Every time we buy something, watch an ad, even search the Internet, money is getting dealt all around us. And we don't see a cent.

There is one company out there that wants to change all that. It's called AGLOCO (short for A Global Community) and their slogan is Get Your Share of the Internet. If we join, they will collect some of the money that usually passes between companies and give that money back to US. After all, we're the ones that generated it.

When Google launched, a great search for free was a good deal. Now that Google is making over a billion dollars a month off our searches, obviously FREE IS TOO EXPENSIVE.

If Google can afford to pay AOL 10 cents per search (which they do), they can afford to pay us the same. AGLOCO wants to help us make that happen.

So check out AGLOCO and sign-up. If we build the community and refer other members, AGLOCO recognizes that we're the ones making them valuable and we make more money. Sign up by clicking this link:


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