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Are You In On The Rockefeller Files Frenzy Yet?

Just got an email from Eric Rockefeller and Keith Wellman.

Here it is:

"It has been very exciting hearing all the great comments about our report The Rockefeller Files...

In fact we were so blown away by people's reaction to the report, and we want to get it into the hands of more people.... that we're raising the stakes and now paying....

Not 50 cents on 2 tiers...

But...75 Cents On 2 tiers!

That $1.50 for every 2 people you send beginning tomorrow!

Many were so inspired that they took drastic measures after reading the report...

They took action.

They grabbed their affiliate link from the members area and promoted their link in as many traffic exchanges, safelists, and even ezines as they could...

You know what happened? They made money without getting any sales...


Simple. When you send someone to our site to download the report...you'll earn 75 cents when they do.

Easy money

But...it gets even better...

If you sent your link to someone else who then signed people up... again we'll pay you another 75 cents for every person they send to download the report...

Again...pretty dang easy money

It gets even better and more exciting too..."

Listen, this is a Free ebook download that they are paying you to give away. Plain, easy and simple.

The money goes directly to your PayPal account.

No need to wait.

If you have a large list, this can potentially make you thousands!

Even more exciting is the fact that you also get the persons name and email address once they've downloaded the Free report.

Can you say, - Listbuilder?

Download your copy and begin making money right now at:


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