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Fummo is an advertising company where you can earn free money doing simple and free offers, searching using their search engine, viewing advertisments, and Inviting friends to join under your own referal link.

Fummo's goal is to offer everyone a chance to earn real money without spending much time.

They are making money from each member so they can also pay each member.

As you probably already know, small and large businesses worldwide need effective Internet advertising now.

According to recent reports from eMarketer and other sources, total U.S. spending on Internet advertising will reach at least $26 Billion in 2007. 19 percent more than total spending in 2006. Fummo is here to help them and also to help you!

It's all very simple. Fummo gets paid by the companies advertising their products, then Fummo pays you, so everyone wins.

Their Main Goal is to reach at least 400,000 Registered members before May 20th and another 1,000,000 by the end of year 2007. The Fummo team is led by 4 people who are constantly improving the system and advertising it at all over the world.

You won't regret if you join Fummo now because you will be able to earn free money starting from the time you register at the site, for as long as you wish.

So go ahead, join Fummo now and invite your friends, listmembers etc. to join under you and you'll get $5 from each referral.

You will also get 10 percent of all of your referrals earnings.

This $5 cash for each referral will be converted to money in your account on May 20th which is the day Fummo launches. You will then be able to also earn money by filling out offers, surfing the web, using their search-engine and viewing ads!

Fummo will pay you by PayPal, eGold and MoneyBookers on the 1st and 15th of every month.

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