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Agloco Viewbar to be Released Tommorow!

Finally the much awaited Agloco viewbar is going to be released on Monday! ( Tuesday in Asia )

All those who still have not joined Agloco do it now as you are going to make money while reading this also...you will get paid for whatever you do normally on the internet. And yes it is 100% FREE for life. So you have nothing to loose.

This just in from the Agloco blog:

"Remember that this is the first version of the Viewbar (v1.0), and with the Viewbar being automatically self-updating software, gradual improvement (both aesthetically and functionally) will appear seamlessly (you also have an option to turn off this feature and ask for updates manually, though we recommend leaving the auto-updating feature active so that you always have the latest software as improvements are made).

This weekend the Viewbar download is being moved from the test servers to the main servers. We will NOT need to temporarily take down the web site as we had thought, so we will not be sending out an email warning on that. If the transfer goes smoothly, the first download emails will be going out Monday morning California time (early Tuesday in Asia)."


And all those who are already in don't forget to download the viewbar on Monday.

This info is also available at Squidoo...

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