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Introducing The "Ultimate Marketers Guide" and Live Sales Execs Now Avialable at the Free1Up.com!

It's Here!

One of the most important features of the Free1Up.com is the Live Sales Executive Support Center.

The LSE System has recently been implemented at the Free1Up and is now Live!

What this will do for us is to save one of our most valuable commodities, our TIME.

It means that we do not have to worry about having to take care of our members all by ourselves, because thanks to the Founder of the Free1Up, Mr. Richard Morris, we now always have the 24 hour Live support at our fingertips.

Here's how it works.

When someone joins your team and has a question about the Free1Up, their back office directs them to a special Support Center which is hosted by an incredible support team. This support team gets very special training and they are well educated in all aspects of the Free1Up business.

This training system is under the Leadership of Lynn Weir, who was the first ever Live Sales Executive for our company. The training is also provided by the other Live Sales Executive Professionals!

Lynn actually got the ball rolling with the Support Center and was doing support 5 days a week all by himself for several weeks, not to mention, he trained several of the current Free1Up Support Executives. This man is extremely dedicated to our success.

In order to access the Lives Sales Executive support center you will need to log into your back office for your special link. Don't worry it is easy. You simply download the free software, run it, and sign in and ask any question(s) you may have.

I am currently a paid founding member of the Free1Up and I'll tell you this, you don't have to be a genius to make a million dollars with the Free1Up.com!

You don't need much start-up money... you don't need special skills...

With FREE1UP you are able to:

Join 100% for FREE,

Start earning Immediately,

Be given your own replicated Web Site and Virtual Back Office

Receive $1,000 per week in Exclusive, Targeted Leads for a full 52 weeks!

and get this...

Many companies and home based business websites typically give thier members an ebook or a video series containing a lot of outdated marketing material. On a lot of this material, you'll see copyrights dating back to 2005 and before.

Now I ask you, what good is that material really going to do you in 2007?

"The Ultimate Marketer's Guide", which features "The Search Engine Dominator", is a marketing manual and interactive website, exclusive to the Free1Up.com, that is constantly updated with brand new material every week to keep you abreast of all of the changes going on on almost a daily basis in the Internet Marketing world.

One of the executive members of the Free1Up has "cracked the code" on how to achieve top search engine ranking, while spending 500% less money than what "the other guys" are spending to reach the top of the search engine results pages.

He's giving it away for Free!

The Ultimate Marketers Guide has everything you need to successfully market your business online. It is updated on a weekly basis in real time and is available for free, Exclusively to registered Free1Up.com members!

Other packages of this caliber and quality are selling online right now for upwards of $650 and more!

As a registered member of the Free1Up.com, you'll get it 100% Free and that goes for free and paid registered members. Remember it costs you nothing to register with the Free1Up.com!

All you need to do is go to your support center available in your back office and request your free copy of The Ultimate Marketers Guide from one of the Live Sales Execs.

It's that simple.

You'll also receive Live One on One Real Time Support

Learn about the most exciting product on the Internet

Get The "Ad System" which Combines these tools to Explode Sales in any Business, Anywhere!

Earn 50% Commissions, Sent Directly To Your Home Mailbox! (the company never touches any of your money)

This home based business is No Bull! Richard Morris and the Free1Up.com is The Real Deal!

If you have not yet reserved your spot as a foudning member for the Free1Up.com I invite you to join us now by clicking this very important link..

You'll find more info on the Free1Up.com at Squidoo...

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