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Breaking News: Google eLert Gadget is Launched!

Google eLert Gadget

Get Your Message Delivered to The Tens of Millions of Google Desktop Users Instantly and Efficiently… Google eLert Gadget is Launched

'Email is Dead - Google eLert Gadget is Launched'
by Paul Tranter - July 24, 2007

Just launched and still in beta, Google eLerts are a NEW and Unique line of communication enabling YOU to receive FREE information on a Myriad of Subjects, from Fishing to Car Racing, and from Hot Stocks to...

Google eLert Gadget is Rapidly, Efficiently Changing the way we send and receive essential information...

According to the clever people behind Google eLert Gadget: "it is set to change the way we send and receive important information."

eMail is in its final death throws, no doubt about that! Some would say Internet Marketing via eMail is dead. "What ever happend to the good ole days?" asks eLert Gadget.

When headlines such as 'Email backlash in U.S. as users return to the telephone' start appearing in the mainstream press and stars are saying: "I am so far behind on email that I am declaring bankruptcy," there's trouble in the offing!

The problems associated with spam, junk and unwanted advertising are finally, and painfully suffocating this method of communication ... The future of email? It's bleak; very bleak! $Billions upon $billions have been spent as a result of, and trying to combat junk mail and spam advertising.

Companies have explored absolutely every avenue, side street and back alley in an effort to clean up the problem. If things were going to improve they would have by now...

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