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SqueezePage Software Review: YourSqueezePage2.com

This Page Was Created in Less Than 10 Minutes! It's been a while since I've recommended this fantastic marketing resource, but I've been getting quite a few positive comments and questions about some of my squeeze pages from fellow marketers, so I just thought I'd let everyone know the software I'm currently using and a little bit about it.

I was really quite surprised that so many people were not even aware that this software solution existed!

If you click on the Image, you'll see a fully operational version of a squeeze page I'm currently using in one of my promotions, that has consitently given me a 35 - 38% opt-in rate.

To top it off, I created this page, embedded the video and had it up and running in less than ten minutes!

Here's just some of the things you can do with YourSqueezePage2.

With YourSqueezePage2 you can make a squeeze page in 5 minutes flat, and you don't need to know anything about:

Web design
Web hosting

You do not need to be a web designer to get this! In fact, if you can figure out how to use a simple word processor, then you, too, can easily use this software.

You do not need to go out and purchase web hosting. You do not even need a domain name!

YourSqueezePage2 is a complete "hosted solution" - that means that the squeeze page stays on hacker-safe, reliable servers.
(Note: If you want to integrate YourSqueezePage2 into your existing website it is extremely easy to do - all you have to know is how to cut and paste)

It automatically tests, tracks, and optimizes every component on your squeeze page.

Not testing, tracking, and split testing everything you do, then sending traffic to your website could be the worst thing you could do for your business.

Split testing involves the comparison of one squeeze page to another and seeing which one works better. You can split test headlines, audio, video, offers, and more.

YourSqueezePage2 Split Tests Everything!

For example, if you want to test three different headlines, just enter all three in and YourSqueezePage2 will do the rest.

It will first randomly show each component. Once it gets enough data it will automatically delete poor performing components that are costing you money.

This feature alone will save you thousands of dollars of advertising revenue.

No matter what 3rd party autoresponder service you use, YourSqueezePage2 can easily integrate with it. This allows you to completely control how your emails are sent out.

Now, with the changes that Google has made as to how they deal with landing pages, there have been many questions raised about how to use squeeze pages with Google Adwords.
(In short, Google changed the way they "ranked" squeeze pages so that they started costing far more for advertising than normal content sites. This made it nearly impossible for squeeze page users to make money.)

YourSqueezePage2 has the option to make "Google-friendly" squeeze pages that will not be affected by those changes.

That means that you can beat out a lot of your competition by being able to pay less for advertising and still get more traffic!

Here's what another satisfied customer had to say:

"Once you start, you CAN'T stop!"

-Thomas Andrew Brett

So, rather than spending $1000 to have a squeeze page professionally designed or spending countless hours trying to figure out how to do it yourself (and getting marginal results), you can simply...

Click here to register a $1 trial YourSqueezePage2 account to see if this software solution is right for you.

I hope this information was helpful.

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