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MobillCash Has Created A New International Sales Breakthrough...

Attention All Merchants and Affiliates:

Mobillcash has invented a way for you to make sales even if your customers have No Cash, Credit, Credit Cards or Bank Account and don't want to show ID.

And Your Merchant Payment is Guaranteed!

Mobillcash is a payment system that allows over 500 million mobile phone users in 15 countries to simply enter their mobile phone number into the MobillCash billing form and purchase your products or services. The customer will be billed by the mobile phone carrier. No Credit Card, Bank Account or ID is required.

MobillCash has been approved by over 100 mobile carriers worldwide!

Now, you can begin accepting MobillCash as a Payment option.

There are no setup costs, no transaction fees and you can keep 100% of the sales price.

With MobillCash you have the option to absorb zero, all or some of the transaction costs for customers who wish to be billed by their mobile carrier. These are typically people who won't or don't have the ability to purchase any other way, but want your product or service.

The majority of real world testing has shown that even though merchants selected to pass 100% of the transaction fees on to the consumers, new customers and revenue just keeps coming in!

Click here to signup for free and start accepting mobile payments in minutes.

More interested in affiliate marketing?

OK then, how would you like to be paid a percentage of everything sold online?

MobillCash began programming over five years ago, and in their first year of launch, gained support and approval from over 100 Mobile Phone Carriers like AT&T, Vodafone and Sprint/Nextel in fifteen countries.

They are growing daily.

Remember, over 500 million mobile phone subscribers can purchase goods and services from any merchant world-wide! MobillCash's goal is to be over one billion by 2008.

Now that they've done all the hard work, they need thousands of people just like you and me around the world telling millions of merchants that there is a secure way to make the sale when the customer doesn't have any money, credit or bank account.

Become an affiliate today and start earning a percentage of all transactions no matter what product or service is sold. At Mobillcash they don't sell any products or services. They simply help others sell more of their products and services. They help those who don't have any other way of making a payment or those who want to protect their personal and financial identification make the purchase simply and quickly.

Refer a merchant and earn a percentage of each transaction every month.

You'll even earn a percentage of every transaction from affiliates you refer!

Affiliates marketers, you can check this out right here.

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