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Now Every Person In the World With a Website, Can Become Their Own Merchant

MobillCash Merchant Signup

One of the implications of the new MobillCash online mobile phone payment system that was just released in the U.S., is that it offers every person in the world with a website, the opportunity to become their own merchant.

No special secure websites, shopping carts, bank accounts or other security software is required.

You can simply insert a MobillCash payment link or button on your website and be accepting mobile payments from over 500 million consumers world wide today.

Now, - if you have a MySpace page, Facebook page, ebay site or other social network page, you can offer payments with MobillCash and never have to ask for a person's ID or personal financial data.

Do you realize what this will do for your online revenue?

I mean, think about it for a second.

You can now sign up for Free, become your own merchant and begin accepting payments from a whole new set of consumers, over 500 million to be exact.

To top it off, Vidicom Limited, the owners of the MobillCash Payment Gateway, yesterday announced that from November 1, 2007, all merchants who accept MobillCash as a method of payment will earn up to 32% extra per transaction from all sales to U.K. mobile phone customers.

"From November 1, 2007, this new status will pay dividends to all MobillCash merchants who will enjoy payouts that will increase by anything between 20% and 32% per transaction, depending on which mobile service provider is used by the consumer."

Did you get that?

Each and every sale you make to anyone in the United Kingdom, will automatically net you from a 20-32% increase in your sales price!

Listen, I've already incorporated the option on a few of my websites. I'm in the process of adding a few more and I would highly recommend you do the same, right away.

Remember, there is No set up cost, No transaction fees and you get to keep 100% of your sales price.

Can you say, - No Brainer?

Become a MobillCash merchant right here

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