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Fortune 500 Companies Will Pay You For Every Website Visitor!

NetAudioAdsEvery once in a while a really astounding opportunity comes along that has the means to hand you a stream of residual income for years to come.

That once in a while is today - but don't worry, you won't have to buy a thing.

A completely new breed of online advertising is about to be launched – and it's set to become the most powerful source of income for millions of website owners around the world – including you.

Here's why:

- This new source of online advertising means that you will get paid for every single visitor that you get to your website. They don't have to take any action – no clicking on an advert, no spending anything, no downloading anything… they just have to BE.

- Who are the advertisers? Some of the clients on the other end of this advertising are huge companies with brand names that you would instantly recognize. Names like HBO, Taco Bell and Harley Davidson.

- Why will they pay you for every website visitor you get?

It's really very simple.

Traditional advertising through TV is in crisis. You see, more and more people are spending their time online, which means that TV adverts are losing appeal for Fortune-500 type companies that spend millions on each advertising campaign they undertake. They're now switching a lot of this money to online advertising… and they'll pay for every last piece of traffic including yours.

Your own business model and site operation does not get the least bit affected. So you keep making money as you normally would – only with this, you also make money on 100% of the traffic you get. Once this gets widespread publicity (which it will), every website owner in the world will be desperate to get involved.

In fact, there is every possibility that this new form of advertising could be every bit or more powerful and widespread as Adsense (it's been backed by one of the top 5 search engines).

Best of all, It's Free for you to use and affiliate for, and it Guarantees that you (as a page owner) get paid for 100% of your traffic! No Clicks Necessary!

This new form of advertising is called Pay Per Play (PPP) and it is taking the advertising world by storm!

How does it work?

You simply place a javascript code on your site just like your adsense code. When a visitor enters your site, your site will 'play' a 5 second audio and you get paid! This WILL affect the way you earn with all of your websites in the very near future. In fact, it will affect ALL Non-Sales-Page Websites in the very near future!

There's more potential to this than meets the eye. Far more.


Well, the company is looking to bring PPP to every website in the world and needs your help to spread the word – and they're willing to share in the lifetime revenues that you help to bring in.

That means that you can get 5% on the total ad spend done by all advertisers on all websites that you introduce to this concept – and a further 5% on any that they introduce.

You get 5% of the total ad spend (not just commission) month after month, for life. Imagine if you could have been involved on the ground floor with Adsense…and still be getting checks for all advertising done there, over and over again – where would you be right now? My guess would be, sipping a Mai Tai somewhere in the Bahamas.

That's exactly the situation that exists right now with pay per play. The business model makes sense – both for the advertiser and for the website publisher. It's win/win – and as such, it should do very well.

As far as affiliating for PPP goes, you have until Feb 1st to become an affiliate.

Why not sign up right now?

Pay Per Play Ads

This free opportunity is bigger than radio, television and all other forms of media combined!

Read the report, watch the videos and get the Full details.

Remember, there is a Limited Time to become a "Core Member" affiliate.

Once they close the doors, that's it.

I really hope you'll join me.

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