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The Massive Potential of Pay Per Play Advertising

These two videos introduce and show the amazing potential of the soon to be released advertising medium now known as Pay Per Play from NetAudioAds.

Pay Per Play Audio Ads Pay

The Potential of Pay Per Play Advertising

Keep in mind that the end number from the examples in this video is speaking on what you earn from your referrals, which is 5% of total ad spend.

As a website owner, you would get 25% of total add spend. Lets add in your earnings assuming you have three websites that you're running pay per play ads on, plus three referrals. Using the examples you just saw in the video.

Let's say you have a website that runs an advertisers PPP ad. The ad gets 135,000 ad plays per month. The advertiser will spend $3780. You, the website owner get 25% or $975.

You have another website with an advertisers play per play ad embedded that gets 94,800 plays per month. The advertiser will spend $2654.40. You will get 25% or $663.60 per month.

And lets say you have one more website with an advertisers PPP ad embedded that gets 21,600 ad plays per month. This advertiser wiil spend $604.80. Your take at 25%? $151.20 per month.

So that's $975 + $663.60 + $151.20 = $1789.80 + $351.51 from your three referrals ad plays = $2141.31 per month. And this is being very conservative. Just Three of your websites total monthly ad plays and Three of your referrals total monthly ad plays.

Remember, you will also earn 5% on the total ad spend for anyone that your direct referrals bring in!

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