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A Message to All Free1Up Members and Fence Sitters

Time Is Almost Up!

The 50% Off Christmas Extravaganza Could Be Pulled Any Minute Now!

Join the Free1Up Now!

As one who is in up to date with the details regarding the Ad System as it is evolving, I can talk to you as an insider. I cannot however reveal any information, except that it is absolutely AWESOME and you are in for a HUGE surprise. You are going to get much more than you bargained for, so Hang on to your hat my friends... the train is leaving the port and it's going into hyperdrive!

To make the Free1Up "Million Dollar Pay Day Club" a grand reality. That means making multi-millionaire success stories. You can read more about it, on the front of your replicated website under "Superiority #8"

There are those of you who still have not pre-ordered your Ad System and let me tell you, You Are Making a Huge Mistake!

The issues spoken of by doubters are negligible. Don't be swayed by them. This is another Microsoft, AOL, Google moment and you don't want to miss this like you've missed the others. This is not an overstatement. It is reality.

Friend, you've been standing there on the sidelines, watching us for way too long. Did you not know that You are on the Top? You are in the creme de la creme of income generating programs? It would be a mistake not to take advantage of it.

Those who choose not to upgrade now at 50% off will suffer a unnecessary $200 loss. Why because this special could be pulled at any minute.


1) The AdSystem will separate the successful advertising platforms from the failures

2) The AdSystem will be a business household name, everyone who is a serious income earner on the internet will eventually have one. So get it now or get it later and pay the hefty price.

3) Those who are smart enough to get it now will save over $200 since after it is live, the price will increase to over $400. The value of it is substantially more considering one can literally transform their business from slow and lethargic to a streamlined profit making money machine.

There are those who can sense that we are the right choice and those who let their skepticism interfere with benefiting from this brief window of opportunity to become a winner.

Do not be the latter.

I strongly advise you, my friends, quit stalling. You have the opportunity to be winners right along with us. We are handing you a life line. All you have to do is reach out and take it. No more drowning in the waters of defeat and failure.

We will not waiver from our path as our intentions are to do some phenomenal things. Things that are on the very brink of happening right now! I'd love to have you along, answering your questions, closing your sales, and showing you the best marketing strategies around, but I will not stop if you do not come along. I need better team players in my organization!

Make a decision now. Time is almost up and the Christmas Extravaganza will be over! After that there will be No more 50% off... EVER!

Remember, I'm there for you!


You're not a member of the Free1up yet?

We can solve that problem right now.

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been in two years now -
We are now in February 2009



should he be reported????

I think so
No problem with his own economy
I'd say he's doing well $$$


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