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Michael Badger.com is Closing the Doors!

Just got this message from Michael Badger.

Closing Our Doors!

"As I said all along, joining in the profit sharing was going to be limited to only a certain number of people. Well, the time has come to stop taking new members. I don't want the number of people to get so big that I won't be able to make good on the promises I have made to you.

So, on Saturday, December 8th people will no longer be able to join the Free profit share pool.

Make sure to let anyone who has been "on the fence" about joining us know that there is now a specific deadline to join Michael Badger, and that deadline is midnight, Eastern time, on December 7, 2007.

I may decide to open the profit share again for a short time just before the launch of the new service that you will be sharing profits from. This would be to benefit all of us because it will drum up excitement and interest for the launch of the service. However, the price to get the Premium Member Upgrade will be raised at that time.

If you are a Premium Member now, you have gotten in and secured your spot at the lowest price it will ever be offered!

Along with shutting down entry into the free profit sharing pool after Friday, the price to upgrade to Premium membership will be increasing that day as well."

Get In Now Before It's Too Late... You've Been Warned.

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