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1on40 Will Get You to the Top Result on Google, Plus 39 Other Major Search Engines for Free

I just stumbled upon this new website called 1on40, that claims they will get your site to the first result in the top 40 search engines including Google and Yahoo.

They say that your site will get to the top result for 5 keywords of your choice, on Google and 39 other Major search engines within 120 days, for Free.

Now get this.

- 1on40 says that they do not cheat the search engines

- Trick the search engines

- Create any sort of doorway pages

- Create dodgy links

- Make mistakes that jeopardize your site

- Change any code on your site

- Redirect

- Get you banned from the search engines

And they will not divulge exactly how they get your website to the first result of Google + 39, but that they do. And for Free!

Here are just a few of the testimonials I pulled from the website.

- One client recently submitted their site a few months ago and 35 days later had 30,000 orders for mobile telephones in a space of an hour. She made £17.00GBP per phone in one hour by PayPal. PayPal loved her and she loves 1on40!

- A client submitted a web site and had to ship 138,000 teddy bears to the USA in a single week at $8.00USD profit per bear.

- An affiliate of a certain affiliate scheme submitted their affiliate URL and gained 24,809 sign ups and over 300,000 sales in one month alone netting him over $4 Million USD.

- An Estate Agent submitted their property site and had over 800 enquiries in 7 days resulting in 62 sales and 400 new listings. Now that’s business!

- A property developer used 1on40 and 100% pre-sold 3 developments making a gross income of £24 Million GBP just in deposits. Selling doesn’t seem so hard if you are at NUMBER ONE on Google and Yahoo PLUS 100's more search engines...

- A budding entrepreneur submitted a web site that cost him $100.00USD to build and 99 days later had so many people pitching to invest in his business he had to take it global even before its launch. Nice way to start-up a business!

- A dating site saw an increased membership of over 45,000 females and 239,000 males at a premium of $12.00USD a month profit after using our service for just 2 months. Now they pay us just 10% of their profit to stay at NUMBER ONE.

- A start-up business portal used our service to populate its database. We filled it with over 130,000 businesses seeking capital within 6 weeks. This web site also got over 20,000 Angel Investors and VC's signed up to fund their clients.

There are many, many more and you should see the list of search engines they guarantee your number 1 position on, UNREAL!

You can even become a free affiliate and earn a Massive income from giving this unique service away during the BETA period. Join now and get paid credits to bid on keywords or cash in for $40.00 per credit.

This one caught me by surprise but I truly believe it's worth checking out.

You'll find 1on40 right here.

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