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The BBO Traffic Club Shows Why Your Website Conversion Sucks

Matthew Glanfield has just launched the BBO Traffic Club.

The BBO Traffic Club will teach you two of the most important concepts of your marketing business:


Most websites will only teach you the first one, which is not actually as hard as it may sound.

You see, there are tons of ways to drive traffic, but the thing that people struggle with is not getting more traffic, it's getting more sales.

How hard would it be to make sales if 1 out of every 10 people who visited your website purchased? All you would have to do is start an Adwords campaign and you'd be making sales!

Unfortunately most people are lucky to make a sale for every 1000 visitors, which makes most traffic too expensive.

Well, this website offers free information on how to improve on both sides.

In the following video, Matthew shows a complete website conversion analysis for Goerge Smith's website Forex-Trading-Made-Ez.com and gives Mr. Smith some very sound advice on increasing his conversion rate and optimizing the amount of sales that he can get.

Click the image below to watch the video

Click to Watch Matt's Website Conversion Analysis

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I've just joined the BBO Traffic Club and I can tell you first hand that the training resources there are very extensive.

The Club includes

  • Website Conversion Analysis. which will show you how your site measures up
  • A section on Optimization. Where you'll learn all about increasing your conversion rate
  • Tracking. Which contains in depth video tutorials on setting up proper tracking on your website, and also discerning what the results mean.

...and much more.

There is also an affiliate program in place with a very unique twist.

The affiliate program is a "first-cookie-wins" (FCW) system, which means that if you refer somebody to this site, and then somebody else refers them later on and they purchase, YOU get the commissions!

That means the sooner you get people to this site, the more money you will make, as opposed to most affiliate programs where the last people to promote win as they overwrite everybody else's cookies.

I am and have been a member of a few of Matthews programs for some time now and can say without hesitation that Matthew Glanfields high quality, usable information, products and services have greatly increased my bottom line, mailing lists, conversion rates and profits online.

The BBO Traffic Club is Free to join and Highly recommended.

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