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Pay Per Play (PPP) Countdown: Less Than 5 Days Left Before The "Play" Begins

In just under two months, NetAudioAds new Pay Per Play advertising platform has gained over 30 thousand affiliates covering over 14 million websites.

They have also procured over 66,000 advertisers many of which are the most respected brands in traditional advertising.

It is anticipated that this reach will continue to grow exponentially.

Keep in mind that as a core affiliate partner, you can continue to sign up new affiliates and advertisers under you forever. The opportunity to sign up as a core affiliate partner will extend beyond February 1st, but once the company reaches it's "critical mass", they will close the partner opportunity. Those who are in, stay in and continue earning from the affiliates in their downline forever.

There has been much controversy all over the Net since PPP was introduced. I have seen both positive and negative comments - but that is to be expected with a launch of this magnitude.

Charles Heflin, marketing director for NetAudioAds, recently addressed some of these issues and answered a few unanswered questions about the Pay Per Play opportunity on the Pay Per Play Blog.

On February 1st, less than 5 days from now, all the talking ends and the "Play" begins.

Be There.

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