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Diversify Your Online Income With The Brand New Niche Widget Software

I just recieved a message from a fellow marketer about this new product and when I saw it, I flipped!

And so will you.

Please allow me to introduce...

The Niche Widget

The name says it all.

The Niche Widget is a piece of code that installs seamlessly on your website, blog or Web 2.0 social networking site, and sells targeted niche products hosted on the company's own server using proven sales pages, and their eCommerce software.

And no, you don't have to be a programmer to install this code.

Sign up for your very own free Niche Widget and you can be selling within minutes.

How many niche sites do you have or want to have?

You can load as many Niche Widgets on your sites as you want. Drive traffic to your sites, sell the niche products, and collect the money instantly. It's that simple.

You're that much closer to your dream.

If you want $100,000 per year, create 28 niche blogs in WordPress or a free Blogger.com account, add the Niche Widget, and you're ready to go.

This is hands down the most exciting, easiest and most inexpensive system solution you'll find.

With the New Niche Widget you can...

* Build a monthly recurring income stream automatically by referring new members with the "Make Money With It" button on the widget. As a member, you'll receive 50% of any paid member fee as long as they remain an active member - Recurring income is the golden goose. Refer new members and get paid for a very long time.

* Two-tier product sales commissions on all Free member product sales. Free member gets 50% commission, you as the referrer get 25% commission and the house, David Perdue the creator of Niche Widget, gets 25% commission. Let's face it. Most people won't have the foresight to spend a little each month to make a lot, so they will settle for the free membership. That's fine because we'll all profit from its viral nature and two-tier commission structure.

* Watch your affiliate link travel virally with the "Grab This Widget" button. Non-members can still add the widget to their sites, blog, social networking platform automatically with a simple click. Let other people sell product for you too and you get the money!

* Get more viral sales from your widget by putting it on all the social networking sites with just the click of a button. Anyone who wants to add it to their site can do so just by clicking the "Grab This Widget" button. That's viral marketing at its best.

* With an animated, mesmerizing design that displays new content automatically, you'll capture visitors' attention and clicks to get more details immediately. Currently, there are three designs to fit your website or blog with more coming soon. Those will automatically be available to all Niche Widget members.

* Collect sales commissions as along you remain a member of the Niche Widget in good standing. Commissions are paid instantly on product sales and monthly on recurring paid membership referrals.

* David is adding new products and content every day with more than 80 niche categories and 450 products available today. More niches equals more opportunity for you to capture new markets.

And believe it or not, there is a lot more to the Niche Widget than I have room for in this post.

You are not going to believe what you are about to see!

You can check it out right here...

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