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Pay Per Play On Target. Affiliates Paid Today!


From the desk of: Charles Heflin

"Many members had revenue over $25 (the minimum payment threshold) and payments to those people are being sent today.

Payments will remain weekly on Fridays. If you don’t hit the minimum payout amount then your revenue earned will roll forward to the next week and keep rolling until you hit $25 USD."


"NetAudioAds is doing a great job in gaining large advertisers so our network will fill up with ads (now that the doors are closed to additional affiliates).

NetAudioAds already has enough agents to fill up the ad network. If you do not want to participate in selling ads then all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch as more and more of your website hits turn into paid audio ads."

"Full throttle is expected toward the end of the month as testing continues pending the release of the BPA audit results and publishing of the new rate card.

The rate card is a breakdown of our pricing to run ads on the PPP network.

Rate cards are common in the advertising industry and help us to procure new advertising deals. The fact that we are 3rd party verified makes the sales come easier."


"Paid ads start “in testing” tomorrow and will play randomly across the network. If you don’t get any, don’t panic… we’re still in testing.

Testing will go on toward the end of the month."

...these are just a few excerpts from today's Pay Per Play Blog post...

You can check out the full post here

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