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Every Website On The Net Will Be Instantly Web 2.0 Enabled

Read that headline again...

That's a pretty big claim, but two weeks ago, a startup emerged claiming that they will unleash brand new technology to the Internet, that will do just that.

Complete Internet Upgrade to Web 2.0

In that first two weeks, they have already hit the 10,000 member mark and as more and more people sign up and promote this, membership is beginning to grow exponentially. In fact, at the time of this post, the member count in my back office was 11,226. I have noticed sign up frequency to be in the range of between 18 to 25 new signups every 20 minutes!

One of the reasons for their almost alarming startup growth is the fact that they are giving away equal shares of One Million Dollars to everyone who signs up for Free and simply helps to spread the word before the July 1st 2008 launch.

The company has stated that they are prepared to launch an amazing new technology that will change the web - and You can be in before the masses know about it.

New Technology Will Change The Entire Internet

If this is all true then - What an opportunity!

Of course there are those who are skeptical as am I, and have already questioned if this technology is really capable of doing this.

The company has responded, Yes - it really is and that they are Not hyping this just to sign members.

They did give a quick give explanation on what it is they will be releasing. They just didn't mention exactly How they are going to do it.

"Websites like mySpace, youTube and other Web 2.0 sites are very successful. Big companies bought them out for huge sums of money. They lead the industry in the way the internet is evolving.

The NEXT logical step is to take this Web 2.0 technology from being on just a handful of websites and upgrade the entire Internet ALL AT ONCE, every website on the Internet to Web 2.0 standards.

That's right - EVERY website on the net will be Web 2.0 enabled at a click of a button with our Web 2.0 Upgrade.


How we are going to do it will remain a secret until our systems are launched to protect our technologies.

But rest assured - it really is that good. It really has more potential than any other technology online today.

This will be the next BIG tech company and YOU are in before we launch.

What if you could have been in before MySpace, Google or even Microsoft and YOU were able to grab a percentage of those companies. You could have made a fortune, right?

You can here..."

This is all very interesting and believable.

The World Wide Web is growing with technological innovations and expanding at an almost heart stopping pace on a daily basis and a development such as this, would be nothing short of a monumental achievement.

Looking through their promotional material, I ran across these intriguing statements...

"You are about to become part of history in the making. I know that our website leads to some pretty "lofty" claims of web-wide domination, complete saturation, total internet change, etc. and I only wish we could disclose the full details of our technologies to you right now so you would know that these claims are not some hyped up exaggeration to try and sell you something.

Though, I can tell you this. It will take less than 5 minutes of reviewing the details of this new technology for you to have NO DOUBT in your mind that this company is going to be the next BIG Internet Technology Company, not to mention you will also finally understand why this WILL be a full, web-wide upgrade to Web 2.0 Standards."

"The future of the Internet is NOW. Together, we are building the foundation to launch a NEW WAY to experience the online world."

Very interesting, intriguing and possibly even controversial.

Yet it will not cost you a dime to be a part of this internet revolution and get your share of the One Million Dollar giveaway, right here...


Talk with you soon.

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