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Brand New: Earn Money Just By Leaving Your Computer On!

Believe it or not, there are some new Search Engines in town that want to Pay You Just for Running Your Computer!

You are about to find out how to earn money, just by leaving your computer on! -- And it's 100% FREE!

How does this work?

There are new search engines that are paying to try to improve their Traffic with Alexa so that they have a better chance of competing with the big boys like Yahoo and Google.

Just by running this little software program, you can automatically start earning $5 - $15 a day or more, help these sites and get paid every time!

Important Update:
Test33 replaced by OUGO browser
No more daily limits!

So, how does it work?

There are new search engines being run through this program. These sites are paying people to try to improve their Traffic Rating with Alexa. This way they have a better chance of competing with the big boys like Yahoo and Google. It's called PPC Appraisal and it means that now anyone can get paid just for running this free software on their computer.

One great thing about it is that you can just set it, and forget it. The software automatically clicks these search engines without you having to lift a finger! The software is completely safe and even has built in file download and pop-up protection. It will not allow any potentially damaging downloads to your computer from any of the sites it clicks on.

In my soon to be released video tutorial, I'll show you just how simple it is to set everything up and then minimize the software to your system tray so that it's completely in the background and out of your way. You can then continue to use your computer as you usually do. The software is completely unobtrusive.

Just stop and think about this for a moment...You can now automatically earn money. I earned $17 the first day without any referrals! And, when you do sign up a couple of people the money comes in even faster!

I'll be releasing the free video tutorial later on this morning, Monday, December 18, 2006. The purpose of this video will be to show exactly how quickly and easily you can set this software up and begin making money straight away. I'll also show you my actual earnings without any referrals. It's really not complicated at all. This can be set up on your computer in less than ten minutes!

This is still a relatively unknown program, meaning there is a lot of potential for you to get many people signed up under you. Once the word gets out that this is really working, forget about it. - There's going to literally be a stampede of thousands into this program, and this is exactly what these new search engines are paying for. So, you want to get in on this as soon as possible, like Right Now because You want to be the one signing all of these people up!

Another great thing about this Free software program is that it doesn't give you just one search engine that makes you money. Right now, there are about 23 paying search engines that run within the program. If you run your computer 24/7, it will be generating at least $15 a day. Word is they're going to be adding another 200+ search engines very shortly.

Are you doing the math on this?

This program pays so much because it works with 'Adult' search programs and that's where the money is.

So, you start out with $10 to $15 a day... Just for leaving your computer on. That's with no referrals! If you have any referrals, you get 5% of their running time as well, down to 10 levels deep!

You'll actually be earning more from referrals then from your own rotations! But to keep the system running you are obligated to run some rotations yourself. Now, a couple of hundred dollars a month might not sound like much but this thing is about to explode and you can potentially be earning thousands! Remember, that's 5% on of each of your referrals run time earnings, 10 levels deep...

You'll need a Pay Pal account in order to get paid. If you don't have one already, you can get your free account here:
(make sure you sign up for the 'Premier' account so there's no limit on your earnings!)

So, go ahead, give RotatorMaster a try, it's absolutely FREE (no upgrading or anything) and doesn't take a lot of time.

Can't wait for the video? Click Here to get started Right Now...

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