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The Importance Of Split Testing Components In Your Squeeze Pages

Success of your online business relies on how much traffic your site is generating. Because of this, most online marketers move heaven and earth for never-ending improvement to achieve a perfect squeeze page. You need to become familiar with a concept you simply cannot afford to ignore called split testing.

Split testing takes all of the presumption out of the process. It helps you determine without a doubt if version A or version B of your web page performed better. Split testing is definitely a powerful tool in online marketing this is why it is also frequently called A/B testing.

So precisely what does split testing mean? Most people can answer that question quite well as it simply means to test two pieces of content and assess their results to determine what is most effective. Your aim in split testing is to always come up with a new test to beat your control group.

How to Split Test.

Split your marketing campaigns into two different ads and compare both, and then from there you will be able to identify which version wins and which loses. Then you create a new ad that can get the better of with the winner until you get to a point where the difference between the winner and the loser is irrelevant. You cannot split test three ads at the same time as it would be very difficult to compare your results.

There are various software programs available on the Net to help you automate the process of tracking not only how much better one headline is against the other, but also the statistics of how many sales you could have lost.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of clear targets that you can immediately get started with. Remember to concentrate on site components that are likely going to have a biggest impact on your site's conversion rate.

Arriving with sufficient headlines is the first thing you need to do before you think of anything else.

Split test them, using two headlines at the same time. The headline that pulls the most opt-ins for your list wins. Then, try another, and see if it builds your list faster than the winner, and so on. The trick is to keep testing until you have the best possible headline. The headline or the top header is the first element on your squeeze page that your visitors will see. By split testing, it shows that simply changing the color or the information presented can give you dramatically different results.

The subtitle or the sub header is frequently ignored. But with varying subtitles, it will also increase your sign-up rate.

The body of the text needs not to be long and very specific. You just have to point out keywords that can grab their attention. 3-4 bullet points is usually more effective than in writing a full paragraph. This is because visitors read quickly and browse instead of reading a comprehensive section. It is suggested to split test various for versions of sign-up forms, colors, texts and positioning will have an immediate impact on your sign-up rate.

The "squeeze page" is a particular landing page that may well be worth testing. It is best to put at least 1-2 images into it to call attention and the most wanted response. It is where the visitor can only take one action like follow their most wanted response.

Essentially, on a squeeze page you get rid of all other text and links and only have a very short page with the call to action notably placed on the site. As you will see, a squeeze page may significantly boost your sign-up rate and if you can convert the increase leads you might be able to quickly double your ROI (Return on Investment) with these landing pages.

There are two ways to run split tests. You can split test one element at a time which is the easiest way. You just have to pick one element such as the headline or the sign-up form and run the test to two different altered copies. From there you will be able to know which version is performing better. This testing technique is very straight forward and effective.

Another way is to split test multiple elements. Testing multiple variables at the same time or testing a completely new design of your site. The main advantage of this style is that it allows you to rapidly test major changes to a website and to test multiple variables at the same time. The disadvantage is that at the end of the day you will know whether version A is better than version B but you will not be able to identify it to one exact data point.

Split-testing your offers and products is the most scientific way to making more money on the Internet. If you do split test than you can logically make more with the same amount of traffic and the same product. What you have to do is to continuously keep testing and to continuously run two versions so that you keep making your site better and better.

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