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Mike Filsaime vs Scott Boulch



Three viral software have been launched/relaunched this month/February 2007:

1. Viral Friend Dominator, www.viralscript.com

2. Viral Friend Generator, www.viralfriendgenerator.com

3. TAFPro, www.viralsoftwaregiveaway.com

Software #1 and #3 are free.

Software #2 is $97.

Of course:- Free does not mean lower quality than paid (although, generally speaking, we tend to perceive things this way).

- Free does not mean better than paid or that you should forget about the paid. What counts mainly is the list of... FEATURES, among other things. Viral Friend Generator definitely has many interesting features. So does Paul Galloway's TAFPro.

One statement on TAFPro info page got my attention: "Warning: Mike may not know this, but one 'feature' of VFGcould actually get your autoresponder list suspended!"

"What is this feature?



"Warning! DO NOT Use This VFG "Feature"!

Now there is one other feature VFG has that the basic TAFPropackage lacks -- the limited ability to post sender data (in thebackground) to the Aweber or ProSender autoresponder services --but I don't consider it an advantage.

The idea is really cool -- just have your SOFTWARE post the form data to your autoresponder service for your visitor -- thus accomplishing two things at once! But the problem is when you do that, all of the leads are posted from the same IP address. And if you have sufficient volume, this raises a red flag at the autoresponder service.

Let me put it another way -- if you let Viral Friend Generator POST data to Aweber it can get your list suspended! I've seen this happen with Aweber, GetResponse, and 1shoppingcart .. . and I would hazard a guess ProSender has similar measures inplace. To get around this issue, TAFPro comes with a script designed foruse with Aweber. Using Aweber's redirect and "meta_forward_vars"feature, we can actually post the data to Aweber first, and have Aweber forward that data to the TAFPro script. This script can easily be modified to work with any autoresponder system that has the ability to forward form data to the redirectURL.

Another method that can be used with TAFPro is to have the autoresponder form pre-populated and "hidden" on the page people go to after they submit the "tell a friend" form. But Viral Friend Generator can't even manage this simple workaround, because they don't have the data merge capabilities necessary to pre-populate the form (see above). "Of course, Paul Galloway should be thanked for telling Mike Filsaime about this. And I am sure Mike, who definitely cares about his customers, will update his software in order to protect his customers.

My recommendation:

1. I'd definitely download the two free viral software (TAFPro seems real interesting to try out).

2. I'd definitely buy Viral Friend Generator. I'd try them all out. NOTHING comes close to actually TRYING OUT a software, and seeing what results it generates for YOUR business.



A final word about the Filsaime Vs. Boulch 'fight'.

Sequence of events:

1. www.viralscript.com:

"At first I sat quietly by as so called "Gurus" copied my every move, then they went too far...

Enough Is Enough! I'm Sick And Tired Of Seeing My New Ideas Show Up As The"Gurus" Latest Product! Now You Benefit As I Fight Backby Giving Away Free Of Charge What They Are Trying To Sell You!"

2. Warrior Forum thread. Not sure if it has been deleted.

3. Mike Filsaime's rebuttal:


I know both Mike and Scott. Both are very successful online. Both ARE wonderful people. Scott Boulch has a strong/"business" heart and is a professional internet marketer. As far as I know, he never hesitatesto help others. I know this from personal experience.

Mike Filsaime has an "emotional" heart and is a professional internet marketer. Personally, I am very sad and disturbed to see this happen between them.

It shouldn't.

Both Scott and Mike are "higher" than this level. They could have healthy competition, without fighting each other. What a waste of time, energy and effort.

There are many sales letter generators, pop up window creators,email autoresponder software and services, email client apps, televisions, mobile phones, similar websites in every imaginable domain, search engines and directories, ebooks, keyword research software, etc. (the list is endless). For every one of the above cases, there was one who was the first in the market, and then we had healthy competition, and the primarybeneficiary had always been the customer.

Neither Scott nor Mike is the first to introduce 'Tell A Friend' software to the market. No doubt, they have enriched their software with new and improved features. But I'm talking about being first to market. Rick Raddatz's software has been in the market way beforeViral Friend Dominator and Viral Friend Generator:


Even Paul Galloway says his software has been in the market waybefore Mike Filsaime's. So the sequence would have been: Adam -- Noah -- Abraham -- TAFPro -- Viral Friend Dominator -- Viral Friend Generator But who cares who was the first?!

What I think Mike and Scott should do is stop this 'fight' immediately, modify their sales/info letters and blogs by converting all negative statements about the other party to positive statements about their software. That would be healthy competition. It's easy to fight. But it brings nothing positive; nothing.

Both sides lose... guaranteed.

Let's have healthy competition.

Look at Google and Yahoo. They both have MANY common services and are always working hard to introduce new ones before the other, even though the other is quick to 'clone' these services! If there is a way that I/we can bring these two guys back together, I'd want to know about it. I'm going to wait a bit till things calm down, then email them both. We really don't need nor do we have time for 'fights'.

Hey, aren't we all in a way one big internet marketing family?

The least we can do is not pour any oil on the fire by attacking either one of them personally; neither in forums nor in blog comments.

My friends, Jonathan Gunson and Kelvin Hui, who are both truly unique and successful people have expressed the same feelings to me.

Both Jonathan and Kelvin are people who hate fighting and are willing to avoid it at all costs. They are both disturbed and unhappy about this 'fight',and I'm sure many of you are also.


Sidebar note:

2.5 Million Unique Site Visitors Per Month You want to know how successful Kelvin is? Check out these Google Analytics screenshots:


This guy gets over 2.5 million visitors a month. And what about my friend Jonathan?


He got 1 Million Hits to his website and sold 350,000 books. Check this also:



Anyway, it's 4:27am. I have food poisoning along with all the bad things that come along with it (not going to list them). So, I'm going to disconnect (my 33.6 dial up connection) and sleep a bit.

My final advice to you is to check Internet Marketing News Watch at least twice a day (morning and night). It's always covering a lot of news you should be aware of.


I wish you, Paul Galloway, Scott Boulch and my friend Mike Filsaime all the best.

Mike Mograbi


P.S. Guess what! My daughter just woke up. Wow! GREAT timing! I wonder how my children always succeed in waking up at the 'right' time, all the time!

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