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My Free Tool Giveaway: Today I Have 2 Powerful Yet Amazingly Simple and Free WinZip Alternatives for Ya!

Up and at it early this morning, I found these 2 Fantastic, Free WinZip alternatives.

JustZIPit: Simple & Free ZIP Tool
Download JustZIPit - The Little Zip Program With Less!

The ZIP compression market is flooded with feature-packed software, but JustZIPit is not one of them! In the field of ZIP software, JustZIPit is "the little ZIP program with less". So how is "less" a good thing? Well, the idea is that ZIP software has become unnecessarily complicated -- frustrating to most users who just do not need more complexity.

JustZIPit simplifies ZIP and UnZIP compression all the way! Discarding all clunky interfaces completely, JustZIPit simply ZIPs and unZIPs -- all with one click from the context menu. A powerful ZIP engine with fast full automatic implementation of ZIP-64 for HUGE file support -- which means JustZIPit is among the most powerful ZIP tools at any price -- good thing it's free!

JustZIPit just does ZIP and does it very well - no fluff, no confusion. No more annoying ZIP interfaces -- JustZIPit and go!

7-Zip: Full featured, powerful, innovative.

Download 7-Zip for Free!
This freeware ZIP program is the only one in it's pack to really push the bar on technology. Although 7-Zip is best known for its support of high-compression non-ZIP technology (7Z), it also does a better job than WinZIP or PKZip on regular ZIP compression! Check out their compression comparison chart on their home page:

Although their browsing interface is a bit of a kludge, they have provided an "Add to Archive" command on the context menu which makes it pretty simple to ZIP up any folder. Also, not all ZIP tools support creating of SFX (self-extracting) files but this one does. 7-Zip will automatically use its superior 7Z compression in the SFX files -- resulting in a compact package that literally slaughters the competition (WinZIP SFX Maker ~ $60).

In this case, the free app is far superior to the commercial app.

You can download 7-Zip right here

Enjoy and come back often for more free tools!

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