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Speaking of The Ad System from the Free1Up, What Exactly Does This Advertising Software Do Anyway?

Register for FreeOK, OK. - There has been much written around the Net about the new, soon to be released, Industry Exclusive "AD System" software.

But there is One question I'm hearing a lot, as we near the beta launch date on July 31, 2007.

It's very good question and I'm going to attempt to answer it to the best of my knowledge in this post.


"What is the exact function the Ad System software performs, that will virtually guarantee my success in marketing my products and/or services both online and off?"


Let me start by giving you a short scenario.

Let's say you're an affiliate marketer, or you run a home based business, or you have a product, products or services to sell from your brick and mortar business. It's a given then, you need to advertise. So you go to the place where most people begin their online searches for advertising resources, Google - and you type in "advertising".

What do you get?

You get 57 million 400 thousand listings for that search term! All or most claiming to be "the best" advertising resource for your products or services.

Try it for yourself right now. Click Here to go to Google (opens in a new window so you don't lose this page) and type in "advertising" without the quotation marks.

See what I mean?

Now, what the average person will do is to begin ordering some of these ad services to market what ever it is they have to market. Be it a product, service, MLM, affiliate program, brick and mortar business or whatever.

So, they use an ad service that they found on Google and find after a few weeks or so, that their ROI (return on investment) is not sustaining their business (they are paying out for advertising more than they're making from the advertising) so, they move on to another service and find the same thing happening. They then may move on to another and another and another, until finally, they just give up. Citing the problem to the particular product or service that they are trying to sell.

9 times out of ten, the product is not the problem, - It's The Advertising!

The number 1 reason why 98% of all businesses fail is The Advertising.

Now you're probably wondering, "how the heck are you supposed to know which adverting really works out of a list of 57,400,000 choices?"

Enter the Ad system software from the Free1up.

What the Ad System software does, is weed through those 57,400,000 advertising choices to find, through it's own patented technology and algorithms, the BEST advertising sources for you to use in Real Time. These are the advertising sources that WORK! The sources that will give you back more than you're paying for the advertising and exponentially increase your ROI no matter what you're selling.

The results are updated continuously in Real Time, meaning that if one particular source begins to produce at a lesser rate, the Ad System software immediately updates and places that source at a lower level in it's listings. So you will ALWAYS know which advertising resources are the best to use.

This patented Industry Exclusive software from the Free1Up is the first in the History of the Internet to perform this function.

Because of it, many, many people will stand to gain utter Fortunes both in it's use and in it's promotion.

I'm sure this has been explained before but it's an important point, so let me make it again.

It is a well documented fact that companies who are First to launch new product categories will go on to become Billion Dollar companies eclipsing all variations that come after them.
The Free1Up is the only company to ever offer the AD System. A product that every single person and every single business advertising on or off the Internet needs.

You see, the company does not promote the Ad System software, the members do.

The only way anyone, any business or any corporation can purchase the Ad System is through members of the Free1Up!

There is No corporate website that a prospect can go to in order to bypass your replicated website for sign-up into the system. If they try going directly to www.free1up.com, they will get a message at the site that specifically instructs them to use the correct ID#, in order to be directed to the proper members website, for sign-up into the system.

That correct ID# is Yours if you're promoting the Free1Up!

If you were the one who referred them to the Free1Up, they must sign up through Your replicated website! (the exception being that referral having a particular Free1Up member they wish to join under. Even then, they must have the correct ID# of the person they wish to join under)

I really hope this helps you understand the Power of this new Industry Exclusive advertising software known as the Ad System from the Free1Up.com and the future you can build by becoming a member of the Free1Up.

Want more more information on the Free1Up? You'll find it at Squidoo.

Ready to Join? It's free. Simply click here to be taken directly to the Free1Up member registration page.

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