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My Free Tool Weekly Giveaway

ThinkFree Online Office SuiteOften I'm online searching for new tools and resources to use in promoting my websites, products and services, or just trying to find something to make things a little easier and I'll come across a tool or resource that is truly helpful.

Much of the time, the tools I come across are Free, so I thought, - why not let others know?

So, once a week starting today and more than likely on Sundays from now on, I will be presenting all of my readers with Free software, tools and resources that I personally use and that you too can use in your own online and offline business endeavors in some cases. I'll also provide a quick review on each and I encourage everyone who uses these resources and finds them useful to please leave constructive comments and suggestions.

Here's something new I recently found while searching the Net.

Online Office suites are very appealing. They offer the ability to have documents stored online and available anywhere you can access the Internet, no matter what operating system you're using. There's no software to download and install, no upgrading hassles when new features are added or bugs eliminated, and no upfront or ongoing expenses. The ability to share a document with several users without your own server is equally tempting, as is the price tag for many of these services: absolutely free.

The best suite I've found is an Online office suite called ThinkFree.

If you're looking for document compatibility with Microsoft Office, you want ThinkFree, hands down.

Thinkfree Write InterfaceThinkFree Write allows you to insert images from clip art, from an image file, or directly from Flickr, a popular photo-sharing service.

Right-click on a misspelled word (which is underlined with a red squiggly line) and ThinkFree Write offers properly spelled alternatives.

There's undo and redo, zoom levels and the ability to save files as PDFs. You can also publish your documents to your own Web site using HTML that ThinkFree generates, attach ThinkFree or Microsoft Office documents to articles in your WordPress blog or other options.

ThinkFree has also incorporated a Flash-based presentation viewer into the online office suite that enables you to embed Adobe Flash versions of ThinkFree Presentations in a Web page, for example, or a blog. When a visitor clicks the presentation, the viewer enables the visitor to watch the presentation―without having to navigate to ThinkFree Docs and open the presentation directly.

With ThinkFree Docs, you can SEARCH, SHARE, & PUBLISH documents with anyone around the world. ThinkFree Docs is an online community of publishers and entrepreneurs who share a variety of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can use ThinkFree Docs together with your ThinkFree Online account.

Out of the four Online office suites I checked out, which included Ajax 13, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, ThinkFree Office Online and Zoho Office Suite, ThinkFree Office provides the most sophisticated features and the best Microsoft Office compatibility.

The suite has so much more to offer and I really don't have the room to include it all in this post so...

Check it out for yourself. It's 100% Free!

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