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Unravelling the Informtion Overload

Everyone wants to sell you their information. Every guru has a system that has made them thousands – and of course they are willing to teach you that system for a small fee. And every guru seems to point you in a different direction to start your journey as an affiliate marketer.

Quite frankly, it’s overwhelming.

How many newsletters are you registered for?
How many guides have you bought in the past month alone?
How many ideas are floating around in your head?

The answer to all those questions is probably “too many”.

Whether you are a newbie in Internet marketing or whether you have been playing the game for years, knowing how to sift through all the information is essential. What guides are worthwhile? Who is telling the truth? Who is just selling repackaged information? Who is just trying to get into your wallet?

Most importantly, when you do receive information from a “guru”, what do you do with it?

This article is intended to help you sift through all the information, guides, newsletters, and systems that you are being bombarded with every day. Hopefully after reading this article you will be able to identify a handful of newsletters and guides that will be helpful, weed out the ones that will not be helpful, and generate the focus that you need to move forward as a marketer.

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