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Optimizing Adsense

by Mark Daoust

There is serious money to be made with Adsense. Often times affiliates brush off Adsense as thing to put on their websites when they aren't doing antyhing else to make money from their site.

While there is nothing wrong with using Adsense as filler ads, a lot of these people end up discounting Adsense as something other than a real money maker for their websites. But to ignore Adsense as a legitimate source of significant income is ridiculous.

There are plenty of examples of website owners who are seeing clickthrough rates in excess of 10% and earnings per click in excess of $0.50 or even higher. If you combine these metrics with even a moderate amount of traffic, you could quickly realize a significant amount of income.

This article will look at some more advanced optimization techniques, what to do if you are accused of click fraud, and why I personally never want to have a clickthrough rate above 10%.

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