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The Tricks Behind Clickbank and Adwords

by Mark Daoust

Steven Holdaway might be one of the web's top experts on using Adwords to promote affiliate programs. What are his qualifications? Well, in January of this year he managed to pull in $158,237.40 from just one Clickbank account using Adwords. And that's just an ordinary month.

For those of us who have tried to use Adwords to promote affiliate products, however, the process can be maddening. There seems to be no end in sight of experts who promise to explain just how easy it is to use Adwords as a commission maker. And while they are off pulling in earnings (like the ones you see to your right) following their simple process, they never seem to tell you enough to turn your struggling Adwords campaigns into money makers.

The result is that there are thousands of affiliates burning money away on Adwords promoting Clickbank products that simply don't convert (thank to Jerry Moore, I now call these people Clickbank Junkies).

After personally buying Steven's Adwords guide (I couldn't turn away from Clickbank earnings like he was pulling in), I had one of those 'Aha!' moments and started to put the pieces together. I sent Steven an email and started to pick his brains for more information on Adwords.

This article is based off of our conversation.

If you have never bought a guide on how to use Adwords to promote Clickbank products, then this will hopefully be a good introduction on the topic. If you have bought an Adwords guide, then hopefully this article will clarify what you have already learned, and fill in those missing pieces that you need to finally see your Clickbank account explode with commissions.

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