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How to Get More From Your Email Promotions

Here's a simple tip, one of those ones you'll think is so straight-forward that you'll wonder how it can be called a tip at all, and yet since I started doing it has increased my daily earnings substantially...

When we email our lists with a broadcast, sometimes its with a time-sensitive email about the launch of a site, or a firesale, speedsale or giveaway event.

But very often, it is also about something that isn't so time-sensitive - Something that will make as much sense next month as it does today.

Here's the tip:

Add these non-time-sensitive emails to the end of your autoresponder as well as, or instead of, doing the broadcast.

Autoresponders handle follow-up emails differently. Aweber for example will mail every
list member who has completed your series of emails with whatever message you add to the end of the sequence. The mailing will be delayed by the interval you specify from the last email.

GetResponse on the other hand, require you to 'import', as it calls it, list-members back into
the squence. You can import them back in at any stage of your series of messages, so what you
would do in this example is import them back to the message you've just added so they receive it straight away.

Bear this in mind when adding your broadcasts as follow up messages. And, to be sure you can see the value of this exercise, give a thought to this:

Once your sequential emails are in place, everyone who joins your list at any time in the
future will receive them. I know that's obvious, but its easily forgotten. What this means is
that all the effort you put into building your list tomorrow, the next day, for ever, will be
repaid by your simple action of adding your broadcast email to your sequence today.

Simple isn't it... but are you doing it?

OK. Here's another tip.

Have a good hard look at this piece of software, and ask yourself honestly if its not worth
adding it to your marketing mix:

My Viral SpiralIts called MyViralSpiral (or MVS), and here's what it does...

It builds your list on autopilot and earns you money at the same time.

OK, I know... I'm sure you've heard that before, but this time its true. It really works. One user accumulated over 1,200 new subscribers in 5 days. Another calls it "a fantastic piece of kit", and another "vital software for every Internet Marketer".

And the wonder is, its not expensive. One user even claims "I easily recovered my total outlay in the first week I had the software running..."

It not only built his list fast, but it also earned him more than he'd spent on it within 1 week..!

So how does it work exactly?

Well, here's how you would use it...

Think of MyViralSpiral (MVS) like another marketing facility for your website - in the same category as your blog or your forum. In the same way they are your communication and traffic accumulation tools, MVS is your list-building tool.

Its purpose is twofold:

To build your list, and to automate the process of earning money from your visitors.

Here's the exciting bit:

When you have MVS running, your users get the power to build their own lists, and mail as
frequently as you specify. It does this by providing free products, ebooks typically, and
ready-made squeeze pages for your listmembers to use.

Your users are encouraged to keep building their lists for two reasons.

1. Because they have been able to rebrand the ebook they downloaded so it benefits them to give it away.

2. Because they can specify which offer page they send their signups to.

Here's what happens to your list when you put MyViralSpiral to work...

MVS comes with a wide selection of rebrandable ebooks covering a variety of interests, so its not difficult for anyone to find a good back-end product to sell, and if they can't your default
offer page will come into play - and your users might even benefit from the sale of that if
they've got a clickbank account or a paypal email address.

I recommend you take a moment to read this page in full, and get the complete low-down on MVS. Its unlike anything that has come before. Everyone working to make a living online will benefit from this...

By the way, MVS is still quite new. Have a look now before it gets too popular and the price increases.

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