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Brand New and Free Social Networking Site That Pays!

Check Out FriendsWin.com!

There is a new social networking site in town that is Free to join and will pay you handsomely to assist them in signing up customers, who will want to use their service.

FriendsWin.com is in pre-launch at this time and has already had almost 4900 people join in since August 3rd, 2007! This site is like MySpace on Steroids! This site is set to explode when they go live.

FriendsWin.com is positioned to capitalize on the widespread popularity of social networking sites (MySpace, FaceBook, etc.) by offering members a unique service that offers video enabled profiles, video conferencing between friends, video dating and many other features to entice and serve a growing membership.

The platform will allow sharing of videos, blogs, music, classifieds, events, forum entries, and favorite/popular categories among users and groups moderated by participants within the network. Internal email will allow private communications between users, thereby facilitating dating, personal and business networking, information exchange and optional communications with the "outside" world.

If you like Social Networking then this is the place to be!

There will be a sneak peak launch within the next two weeks. The members that join now can help shape the future of the site and have an input on some of the features that they would like installed on the site. They will then go to full launch within 30 days of the sneak peak launch.

If you would like to make a great income on the biggest growing trend on the internet you can become an Independent Marketing Representative and join in their 5x8 Super Matrix. Just join, and go to the next webinar to find out all of the details.

Here are just a few of the details:

Anyone 18 years or older can join for free, sample this great destination and connect with their friends. They will have the option to buy monthly subscriptions that include a large variety of services, or pay for functionality (like video conferencing) on an a-la-carte basis.

How will they learn about the site?

From you, - the Independent Marketing Representatives, ("IMRs").

IMRs will have a ground-floor opportunity to assist in signing up customers who will want to use these services for a myriad of reasons. Maybe just video dating. Or video conferencing. Regardless, revenue generated by regular customers with the site will generate commissions for the IMR. This will even include advertising revenue, generated by member click-throughs and impressions, that can gross-up to very sizable dollar amounts, even for "free" members.

Remember, this is about building a business. Social networking applications on the Internet have faired amazingly well historically, because of the viral nature of customer interest and the fun and utility of the platforms. This site should be no different. FriendsWin.com believes that this website can attract and retain regular customers in very large numbers with products and services that are simply amazing and better than "the big guys"...

But it's going to be up to YOU...(the IMR) to make this happen. Remember, FriendsWin.com has created an amazing business model that can compensate Independent Marketing Representatives with significant commissions, but you have to get the customers!

You can sign up for Free at their VeriSign secured web form and check it out for yourself right here.

Need more details? - Learn more here...

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