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StatewideFP and the Consolidated Solutions Group is a new organization dedicated to helping troubled homeowners save their homes from foreclosure.

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Important Note:

In order to qualify to get paid for a Referral, you must have unique sign ups generated from unique prospects. In other words, each lead must be generated by a unique IP Address and computer MAC Address. All accounts will be screened prior to payment to make sure that no CSG Agent has submitted Referral Leads in a fraudulent way.

Payment Periods and Minimums:

CSG Agents will have to earn at least $250.00 in Referral Commissions in order to get paid during any payment period. If a CSG Agent does not have at least $250.00 earned in Referral Commissions then the earned amount will be rolled over to next months totals until the monthly balance exceeds $250.00. CSG pays Referral Commissions on the 5th of each month for leads submitted by the 1st of that month.

All commissions are paid by check via standard postal mail only.

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