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It's All Over At 12pm EST today...

This just in from Mr. Glanfield:

"We have received several requests asking for an extension on lifetime memberships for one reason or another. Unfortunately this is not possible due to the number of customers we have. If you are going to sign up, now is the time to do it"

This is in response to the overwhelming requests to the release of Your Squeeze Page 3.

You have until 12pm EST.

Matthew Glanfield has truly created a must have resource for the Internet marketing masses and also trains you in every aspect of utilizing squeeze pages to their fullest potential.

If you're not yet aware of the power of using squeeze pages correctly, then you need to speak with Matthew Glanfield and get deeply involved with the proper use of squeeze pages.

I've been a member of Your Squeeze Page almost since it's inception and I can truly attest to the power, ease, and effectiveness of this Internet marketing tool.

In the past, I have offered testimonials, screensohts and examples of what this easy to use software has done for my bottom line. I'd like for you to take a look at the most recent squeeze page I created, using version 3.0, in about 7 minutes.

Here's the link to the page:


Remember, you've only got until 12:00 pm EST today to get a lifetime membership for the cost of 10 months regular membership.

This one is priceless and I am already in, for life...

Here's the link to get in now:


This is a must have for anyone selling anything on the Net.

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