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You're Losing Money Right Now Using Squeeze Pages!

I'm going to assume certain things in this post so that I can get right to the good stuff.

I'm going to assume:

-you know you should be building a list
-you are probably frustrated that it's taking so long
-the traffic you are getting just isn't converting as well as you would like
-you know what a squeeze page is
-you've made squeeze pages before, but they just don't seem to work

Even if that last one isn't true, this will still work.

Basically, the reason that most people don't build their list as fast as they might be able to is that they don't use squeeze pages properly.

A lot of hype and false advertising has been going around about how all you have to do is create a simple squeeze page and you'll start to build your list by the hundreds and thousands per day.

(If you don't know what a squeeze page is, just think about those pages that are short and ask for your name and email address. That's a squeeze page.)

You see, the problem is quite simple - squeeze pages don't usually work! At least, not the way most marketers use them.

Here are just a few of the problems I have seen:

-the headlines and other words on the squeeze pages don't get the visitors to want to opt-in
-the page itself looks unprofessional and detracts from the number of opt-ins
-you have no idea what traffic is working and what traffic is wasting you money
-it takes forever to create a squeeze page
-if you're not a web designer, you might not even be able to create a squeeze page!

That last one is where 95% of marketers stand. We are marketers, not web designers, so creating these "simple" pages isn't quite so simple.

Until now...

Matthew Glanfield has put together an awesome piece of software that allows you to create professional squeeze pages at the push of a button.

With his software you can create squeeze pages in less than 5 minutes. However, the real power comes in the fact that the software automatically tests and tracks various headlines and other features to create the perfect profit-pulling squeeze page.

You should go and check out the demo video here:


I strongly suggest you watch this video right now before you lose even more subscribers.

If you put this off, don't say I didn't warn you!

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