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The 1on40 Affiliate Program Pays a Whopping $40+ Per Referral

I'm sure that by now you've heard of 1on40, the new SEO kid on the block.

1on40 is the new website submission service that claims, very boldly I might add, that they will get you to the top result for 5 keywords on Google, Yahoo! and 39 other major search engines within 120 days. Submission to their service is very easy, free and they guarantee these results.

1on40 simply want's everyone interested in ranking at the top of the SERPS to give their service a try.

One of the statements on their homepage clearly says it.

"Pay nothing for our unique service until you see your web site at the NUMBER ONE position on Google and the other 39 TOP search engines for the 5 keywords. Get top result for once - FREE.

Once at NUMBER ONE position we will leave YOUR web site there for 7 days to prove our ground breaking service. Then you need to start paying us (bidding), for our 'THEN PROVEN' service and carry on having tested our service without risking your money like you would on other ‘hyped up SEO services that underperform or simply do not work’.

It costs nothing to give us a try... You have to see it work to believe it, therefore we don’t charge you a dime until you have - GUARANTEED.

Once you’ve tested us and seen your site at NUMBER ONE position on Google, Yahoo and 38 other TOP search engines for 5 keywords it’ll be time to pay us (bid) to keep it there. YOU can keep your web site at NUMBER ONE for as long as you like by bidding on your keywords.

Each bid you make secures another 120 days at NUMBER ONE on the TOP 40 search engines including Google and Yahoo."

Now while there has been much buzz going on around the net about whether they can do what they claim they can or not, that's not what this post is about.

Thousands of people are signing up to try this new service - But time is limited. They will end the introductory free website submissions and begin the 'paid for service' in March 2008. This is only days away.

Now, with all of the buzz they are creating right now, you still have a small window of opportunity left to promote 1on40 while it's still free and pump some serious money into your bank account.

Did you know that every person you introduce to 1on40 earns you 1 credit and that every credit can be redeemed for $40 cash? And this applies whether that person signs up for the website submission or as an affiliate.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the news section of the 1on40 website.
(remember, 1on40 was released to the public in October 2007, it's only new here in the States)

January 6th 2008

"1on40’s service is Free and You get paid to distribute it. If you don't someone else will! Top referrer this period has earned over £200,000GBP in redeemable credits"

(note: that's $400,000 USD!)

January 19th 2008

"We are excelling our own expectations and results.

Since Beta test began in August 2007, 98O clients have hit the number one result in Google and Yahoo for 5 keywords.

On average each of the 98O web sites made a staggering 95,OOOUKGBP/$19O,OOOUSD 'each' between the 15th December and 15th January 2008. From today we are planning to pay out a revenue share from the bids on keywords to our loyal partners/affiliates. When a client bids on their 5 keywords the partner/affiliate that introduced them will get 15% of the bid as well as the credit.

Each time th bid is made the 15% is paid out for life.

For example, we would be sending checks/cheques out to 1800 partners/affiliates who joined us before October for over '3 million GBP/6 million USD."

A later news release stated:

February 4th 2008

"Just 2 weeks after releasing this statement we have made another 428 client's web sites NUMBER ONE on Google, Yahoo and 100's of other search engines. Now 1on40 sees 980 plus another 428 clients at the 1st result for their 5 keywords every day.

1,408 very, very happy clients every day...

1,408 very happy clients paying for their keywords means our affiliates are getting rich.

Our clients are generating Huge revenue from their existing sites and our affiliates are getting paid 15% of the bids their clients make Plus 1% from their down line's clients.

There is money to be made everywhere with 1on40."

Think about it.

Every web site on the Web is a client waiting for 1on40's free service. Everyone wants to get More business and increase their profit. All you need to do is show them how and benefit from it. Every Internet marketer and affiliate wants this service to promote their business.

And get this - They pay down to 10 levels deep!

You should get in now though. The reason I'm saying this is because it is very easy to promote a service such as this while it's still free. That all ends with the release of their 'paid for service' which begins in March.


Want to know more?

Simply click this link to go to the 1on40 homepage. Once there, click the "Earn Cash" link at the top of the page.

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