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Pay Per Play Ads Closes It's Doors This Friday, February 15th

NetAudioAds Pay Per Play advertising platform now has a reach that is larger than any television or radio station in existence.

This is Incredible!

What makes it even more amazing is the fact that it was done in just over three months time.

Wow - the perks of viral marketing!

This is destined to go down as the greatest internet promotion in history!

NetAudioAds now has the ability to serve 1 Billion ads per month!

That's right. We are Bigger than television!

This has already been confirmed by a third party audit through BPA Worldwide.

As a result of this phenomenal viral marketing campaign, spearheaded by Mr. Charles Heflin (marketing director for NetAudioAds) the company will be temporarily closing the opportunity for more people to come on board as a core partner.

Charles stated in his latest blog post that - "NetAudioAds never expected for the network to get this big. They were only expecting 200 million ad plays per month and because of the nature of the viral campaign I created and the skill that you have in contacting people, we have exceeded the initial goal almost 5 times over!"

The problem with this is that NetAudioAds can only serve approximately 220 million paid ads per month based on current advertisers. This means that at full throttle, only 1 out of every 5 hits (shown in the stats system) will trigger a paid audio ad.

The word from Mr. Heflin is that right now, they do not need the distribution network to get any bigger. What they need to do is to switch their strategy towards gaining more advertisers.

"We have all created an asset; we have created one of the largest advertising distribution networks in world history. Now we need to capitalize on this asset by filling the entire network up with advertisers."

What this situation has done is created an unprecedented opportunity for all of us promoting NetAudioAds to earn handsome commissions by referring advertisers into the network.

Now get this.

already has a team of professionals who are actively procuring advertisers and they will eventually fill the network up 100% without our help. All we really need to do is sit back and let their team fill the ad spots for us. Keep the PPP audio ad code on our sites and sit back and watch the “found money” roll in.

However, there are many of us "movers and shakers" who will not be content to just sit back and wait.

Knowing this, Charles has agreed to step in and help us get paid handsomely.

He has a plan and this plan includes us.

Every core member affiliate (that's you and me) will soon have the opportunity to create our own advertising agency through which to sell audio ads!

Charles will be sending a special email out to everyone to show them how to get involved in selling advertising. This is an untapped opportunity for us to get paid some very handsome residual commissions.

"If you don’t want to get involved in procuring advertisers you don’t have to. The opportunity to earn substantial commissions is yours for the taking, however."

So to all of the fence-sitters and naysayers out there I say to you now, the door to this mega- money making opportunity is closing fast. Don't kick yourself later for not having taken advantage today.

If you miss out on this, you will regret it forever.

Click here to become a core member affiliate before it's too late.

The clock is ticking... The doors close this Friday, February 15th.

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