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Pay Per Play Reopens the "Core Partner" Affiliate Program

Net Audio AdsNet Audio Ads has reopened the affiliate (publisher) network to new core partner affiliates.

They have done this because according to Charles Heflin, "initial findings from preliminary results from BPA our network is 45% United States traffic. The remaining 65% of the traffic is originating from other countries."

"Quite surprising is the fact that the Philippines has a distribution of about 2 million potential audio ads per day. This is huge unchartered territory for someone in the Philippines that wants to sell 5 second audio ads to businesses local to the Philippines."

The Net Audio Ads Pay Per Play advertising platform has great coverage in countries like the UK, Australia and the Philippines, the only problem is that we need much more coverage in the United States.

"We have a major political advertiser that wants to run 5 ssecond internet audio ads through our network but they are demanding more than we have the ability to supply. This is not to say that they are not going to run ads anyways, they simply would be willing to pay for much more if we had it."

"This is why we have reopened the "core partner" affiliate program. We need the same viral spread that grew us to 600 million (VERIFIED) potential audio ad plays per month in only 3 months. We need to at least double our reach... We have done it before, let's do it again."

Charles also stated in his post that at some point, they will close the "core partner" opportunity but now is not that time. Net Audio Ads has reopened under the same structure so that we all benefit. Even though you may not have a website in your downline and earn directly, you earn because we will procure more advertisers that are willing to buy your available ad slots. He anticipates that we will be able to fill 100% of our available ad spots within 2 months.

That being said, you can sign up directly right here

...or you can continue reading the full Pay Per Play Blog post.

There's much more news and information there.

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