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1on40 Estimates Payout of $180 Per Referral

1on40 Corporate Announcement:

"During the last 3 months, 173 other SEO search engine submitters have joined forces with 1on40 to benefit from the outstanding success of the service. We now not only submit for individaul web site owners and entrepreneurs but also other SEO's who want thier clients to get the #1 result on Google, Yahoo! and hundreds of other search engines."

"We have recently terminated a number of affiliates for submitting fake clients and down line members. We do check all submissions regardless."

"We have succeeded in making thousands of web site owners very rich. Every day we have over 50 new web site owners reaching the Number One result for 5 keywords on Google, Yahoo! and hundreds of other search engines."

1on40 now has 20 affiliates worth over $650,000 and over 800 worth between $250,000 and $650,000. The company also has over 10,000 affiliates worth up to $250,000.

1on40 is now in the process of preparing a pre-IPO (Initial Public Offering) for 1on40 on the London Stock Exchange. Any negotiation with such an offering will make all of us affiliates wealthier. Each credit you earn or have earned as a 1on40 affiliate, is being treated as 100 shares or similar in the Initial Public Offering. It is estimated that each share will be worth a minimum of $1.80! This dividend will be payed out to all affiliates in August 2008.

Why is this so exciting?

Do the math.

1 credit (referral) = 100 shares x $1.80 = $180.00 USD per credit!

Are you feeling these numbers?

Bring in just 20 referrals and you've earned $3,600!

500 referrals nets you a whopping $95,000!

By the way, you are paid 1 credit for every affiliate or client referred by 'Your Whole Downline' up to 20 Levels Deep...

You get paid a credit for Every affiliate you refer.

You get paid a credit for Every client you introduce to 1on40.

You get paid a credit as an Overide from Every affiliate Your whole down line refers.

You get paid a credit as an Overide from Every client Your whole down line introduces.

The more affiliates You refer directly means the More affiliates that will refer other affiliates into Your down line earning you a credit Each one.

Use your credits or exchange them. Your web sites can stay at NUMBER ONE on Google and 100’s of other search engines without you bidding a CENT!

This is Massive!

1on40 recently made early exchanges for 120 affiliates who had introduced over 30 affiliates from their existing downlines into the 1on40 opportunity.

The company is currently negotiating a plan for early exchange for active affiliates who have referred over 20 affiliates. All will be notified of this plan in the affiliate news area soon.

There's not much time left. You have until the end of March 2008 to refer free clients.

Think GibLink was Huge? - You ain't seen nothing yet.

What?! - You're not signed up as a 1on40 affiliate?

I'd do so now if I were you. You're wasting time and losing money.

Sign up is Free...

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1on40.com is a scam do a search on google its way longer than 120 days since i posted the first site to them and nothing happend and i am not alone cheated one affilate for £ 350000 DONT SEND THEM MONEY OR ADVERTISE THEM if you want to try the free service go ahead but dont expect anything